How could you use your own online school?

Online learning environments have belonged to colleges and universities for over ten years. The software is expensive, and you either have to hire high-priced instructional designers or bring in expensive consultants to build it. When all is tallied up, you have spent tens of thousands of dollars, wondering if it was all worth it. Well, it’s not.

That is where Training On The Web comes in. We know that the high-priced learning environment platforms do more than most businesses need. You’re looking for a simple site where your employees and even your customers can come in, learn about the latest product or service, and go about their jobs. You want to post policy updates so that you can protect yourself and your assets from liability while making sure that your employees are doing the right thing. You want your staff to have the best and latest information. You want to be able to quiz your employees to make sure that they know what they were taught. And you need to do it over distance and over time, because travel and meetings are expensive.

We understand.

Kevin and Chuck have been teaching online since 1996, opening one of the first industry-based online schools back in the dark ages. Since then, we have built industry training schools, taught online for many of the most popular and successful online colleges and universities, and developed a feel for what small business, government and industry needs to be successful in an online training environment.

Check us out. We can provide you with an online learning environment, help you set it up, and teach your own people how to create classes and teach online. We will help as much or as little as you need. And our prices are reasonable, which means that you can afford us.

Shoot us an
email with your needs and your ideas. We are here to help.