What We Do...

Here at Training On The Web, we start by analyzing what you want to do with your online school. You may not need an online school at all - you may be able to achieve your goals with another web-based solution that is less expensive and easier to maintain. But we will take your ideas and work with you to refine your online learning plan. Here are some concepts to consider.

Online School

Some clients need a full-blown school to teach paying students in a college-type online learning environment. We can help with that. The software package that we use allows restricted entry, pay-to-learn with credit cards or PayPal, and demo classes for marketing your school. We will build the school to your specifications, then teach you how to operate it, update it, and design courses for it. We can design the first few, then help you ease into the design mode yourself. We will even help you with new rules, policies and procedures for your new school.

Corporate Learning Center

You may need to train and update your employees with new information, product news, how-to training, on-demand training, supervisory training, and the like. If your employees work all over and at all times of the day and night, this option can work for you. For example, you can put out a new policy. In the past, you made copies or sent an email, hoping that at least some of the employees would read it. Now you can actually train your employees on new policies and procedures, then test them to ensure that they actually learned what they were supposed to learn. You may find that they need a refresher on certain items - some that are required by law. Instead of using canned OSHA or EEOC presentations that have no real applicability to your particular business, let’s design a course that meets the requirements while showing your employees how the topic applies directly to them and the company. That’s real training.

Customer Learning Center

Now you can offer training to your customers in an online, 24/7 environment. They don’t read the instructions, and they need help at all hours. Take the information that they always call about and provide customized customer training. With this kind of customer support, they will remember you and come back every time.

What’s your idea? We can build it for you.